3.27 Billion Stolen Credentials Are Up For Sale For Just $2

The 3.27 billion stolen credentials were listed for sale for just $ 2 on the popular cybercriminal forum RaidForums. A forum user using the pseudonym Singularity0x01 published the database under the guise of a so-called "compilation of many breaches" (COMB).

The aggregate database merged old stolen data from past cyberattacks, including user credentials from Netflix, LinkedIn, Exploit, and mor

Singularity0x01 stated that the collection was built from a previous compilation of 1.4 billion entries. The data were presented in alphabetical order and in a tree structure. Forum users had to spend 8 RaidForums credits (about $ 2) to view the download link for a password-protected .ZIP file containing the data. They could then use a tool built into the database to query and sort the informatio

“Some users claimed that the files were corrupted or missing, the total number of credentials was less than stated, and the information was of poor quality. All of this resulted in Singularity0x01 earning a negative reputation on the cybercriminal forum. Singularity0x01 also created two identical forum threads, resulting in some users spending their credits twice. Singularity0x01 was soon banned permanently on RaidForums of the year for "leaking secret content," although the site's moderators did not provide any further information, "Threatpost research saids

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