10 Hackers Arrested For Stealing $ 100 Million Worth of Cryptocurrency From Celebrities

Europol have arrested 10 cybercriminals in the UK, Belgium and Malta on charges of hacking into the cell phones of celebrities, sports stars and musicians in order to steal personal information and millions of dollars in cryptocurrency.

The cybercriminal group stole more than $ 100 million in cryptocurrency using the SIM-swapping technique. This technique involves deactivating the victim's mobile phone SIM card by deceiving the phone company or using a bribed insider so that the number can be transferred to another card under the control of criminals.

After accessing the victims' phone numbers, attackers gained control of applications and accounts by requesting password reset codes sent in SMS messages. They were then able to steal cash, cryptocurrency, and personal information, including contacts. In addition, hackers controlled social media accounts, allowing them to post and send messages on behalf of victims.

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