White House Hide Tech Technician Job ads on Its Website

The recently updated US White House website has posted a vacancy for a technician, but only those with good technical skills can see the ad.

The hidden HTML code at www.whitehouse.gov is an invitation to work for the US Digital Service, a White House-controlled unit whose mission is to improve the quality of services to the public through new technologies.

“If you are reading this, then we need your help in order to do better than it was,” reads the ad.

"Better than it was" (English Building Back Better) - the slogan of the election campaign of Joe Biden, who became the 46th US president after Donald Trump.

The digital service was created in 2014 by Barack Obama, then the US President. Its goal was to find specialists in the field of technology to improve the sphere of public services, for example, to modernize the payment system of the national health insurance program Medicare. Typically, Digital Service employs professionals for a period of one to two years.

New York-based information security company Red Balloon Security also offers unusual testing for applicants . Instead of spending time researching the resumes of everyone who wants to get a job, the company sends them encrypted hard drives with bitcoins. The one who decoded them must buy a ticket to New York for an interview with the money received.

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