Whatsapp Will Block Users Who Disagree With The New Rules

On February 8, the popular messenger WhatsApp will come into force with new Terms of Service. The developers are already preparing for the transition and will very soon start collecting permissions from users.

The new terms and privacy policy update builds on a similar change that WhatsApp announced last July. However, in a previous update, WhatsApp gave users the option to "not provide Facebook with your WhatsApp account information." In the latest update, WhatsApp dropped this option and users will have to accept the new terms and privacy policy if they want to continue using the messenger.

It is planned that the processing of user data will be carried out differently, in particular, this affects a number of confidentiality obligations. It also adds new options related to the capabilities of add-on products, information processing to ensure security, integrity and security. In addition, updates will include new direct links to user preferences options, Help Center items, and data control methods.

The user can accept the relevant terms until February 8 or refuse to use the messenger.

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