US Intelligence Chief Candidate Claims Cyberspace Vulnerab

The United States is highly dependent on satellites in orbit, as well as working in cyberspace, and therefore is very vulnerable there, said candidate for the post of Director of US National Intelligence Avril Haynes.

Working in cyberspace is one of the key for the country, so the United States is very dependent on its results and mistakes. As well as from satellites in orbit, Haynes said.

Haynes drew attention to the fact that in cyberspace it is possible to threaten objects important to the United States, although attacks on them do not pose a serious risk to those who implement them.

When asked by Democratic Senator Jack Reed about the degree to which Russia is at risk in the face of attributed cyberattacks to US infrastructure, Haynes called the threat from Moscow a 'serious cause for concern.' She promised to deal with this issue if approved in the position.

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