Two kids Discover a Way to bypass Linux Mint Lock Screen in

The developers of the Linux Mint project have fixed a vulnerability, that allows an attacker to bypass the OS lock screen and then gain access to the locked desktop.

According to the issue notification on GitHub, the vulnerability in the system was discovered by two children who were simply playing on their father's computer. Children pressed random keys on both the physical and on-screen keyboard, which ultimately caused the Linux Mint splash screen to crash and allow them to access the desktop.

According to Linux Mint lead developer Clement Lefebvre, the problem was ultimately discovered in the libcaribou on-screen keyboard component that ships with the Cinnamon desktop interface used by Linux Mint.

The problem occurs when users press the "ē" key on the onscreen keyboard. While the issue causes the Cinnamon desktop process to crash in most scenarios (if the on-screen keyboard is opened from the splash screen), the vulnerability instead causes the splash screen to crash, allowing users to access the main desktop.

The issue affects all Linux Mint distributions using Cinnamon 4.2 and older.

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