Twitter, Facebook And Instagram Blocked Trump's Account

The current US President Donald Trump posted on social networks an appeal to the nation and a statement that the storming of the Capitol was the result of "stealing" his election victory.

Immediately after the publication, Twitter froze the account of the US President for 12 hours and threatened with permanent blocking if he did not delete messages that violate the rules of the resource.

Trump has now addressed the violations on his Twitter page that led to his account being blocked, Bloomberg journalist Kurt Wagner said.

“A company spokesman confirmed that Trump did indeed delete the tweets in violation. It is not known exactly what time Trump removed the post. Probably, access to the account will be open for him tomorrow morning (after 4 pm Moscow time on January 7), ”Wagner said on his Twitter.

Facebook removed Trump's appeal because it, according to the administration of the social network, contributes to an increase in violence rather than a decrease. The current head of state's account was blocked for 24 hours "for the safety of people." For the same period, Trump was banned from Instagram.

In addition, Trump's appeal was removed from YouTube.

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