Trump Obliges American Cloud Services to Keep Records of Foreign Users

US President Donald Trump has signed a decree requiring US cloud companies to keep records of foreign clients in order to help US authorities track people who commit cybercrimes.

User information will include names, physical addresses and email addresses, national identification numbers, means and sources of payment (credit card or bank account details), phone numbers and IP addresses used to access the services.

"Foreign cyberspace malicious actors intend to harm the US economy by stealing intellectual property and confidential data, as well as to threaten national security, their goal is the critical infrastructure of the United States," - says the Trump decree.

In order to eliminate cyber threats, prevent foreign attackers from using IaaS products, and to help investigate transactions involving foreign hackers, the United States must ensure that US IaaS service providers verify the identity of people with an IaaS account, according to the memo . To provide additional protection against cyberspace-related malicious activity, US authorities must also restrict certain foreign entities' access to IaaS products. In addition, authorities should encourage greater collaboration between IaaS providers in the United States, including by expanding voluntary information sharing to intensify efforts to curb foreign cybercriminals.

Under IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), the decree means products that provide the ability to run software and store data on servers offered for rent or without liability for the maintenance and operating costs of these servers. These products include cloud services.

Within six months, the Commerce Department is to propose regulations unless President-elect Joe Biden reverses his predecessor's decree.

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