TikTok Has Updated Security Settings For Teen Accounts

The administration of the TikTok service announced an update of the security settings for minors. The new settings will help teens under 18 "shape a mindful approach to content publishing and communication on the platform," TikTok reports.

The main innovation is that user accounts between the ages of 13 (the platform is not intended for children under 13) to 18 will be private by default. This applies not only to new, but also to already registered accounts. Content posted to them will only be visible to approved users. In addition, the “Suggest your account to others” option will not be available for 13-15 year olds.

Users under 16 will be able to choose who can comment on their videos, friends, or no one at all. However, the "all" option will not be available to them.

For user accounts between the ages of 16 and 17, the default settings are set to only allow friends to do duets with their videos.

According to the new rules, only videos created by users over 16 years old can be downloaded to mobile devices. For users aged 16 to 17, the ability to download their videos will be disabled by default. However, this option can be enabled in the settings.

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