Serious Vulnerability Found in Samsung Galaxy Note 20


Manufacturers of modern gadgets are constantly improving the protection of their devices, striving to keep users as safe as possible. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Another proof of this is the Galaxy Note20's security bug. It turned out that anyone could access the device.

The vulnerability became known from the description of the January security update from Samsung. It talks about fixing the "abnormal behavior" of the fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy Note20 series smartphones. The crux of the problem is that any stranger could unlock the smartphone by simply scanning their finger.

Reportedly, the correct operation of the fingerprint scanner is affected by a protective film glued to the screen in order to protect the gadget from mechanical damage. As it turned out, taking care of the appearance of new items can become a serious threat to the security of the smartphone and personal data. Due to the protective film, there was a frequent false positive response of the scanner when the device was picked up by unauthorized people. Samsung doesn't talk about this in more detail.

For Galaxy Note20 smartphone owners, we recommend that you get the January security update as soon as possible.

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