Pentagon Blacklisted Xiaomi for Linking With The Chinese Army

The US Department of Defense has added several new organizations to the list of companies allegedly associated with the PRC military sector, including the manufacturer of mobile devices Xiaomi.

“The Ministry is committed to identifying and countering the development strategy of the People's Republic of China (PRC) civil-military synthesis, which aims to modernize the People's Liberation Army (PLA) by providing it with access to advanced technologies and expertise acquired and developed even by those companies, universities and research programs of the PRC, which appear to be civilian organizations, ”the US Department of Defense said in a notice.

The Pentagon presented to the US Congress the first draft of the list of companies participating in the Military-Civil Fusion (MCF) project of the PRC in June 2020 and will add new organizations to it as necessary.

In addition to Xiaomi, eight more companies have recently been added to the list, including Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment, Luokong Tecnology Corporation, Beijing Zhongguancun Development Investment Center, Gowin Semiconductor, Grand China Air, Global Tone Communication Technology, China National Aviation Holding and Commercial Aircraft Corporation. of China.

Military-Civil Fusion is the national development strategy of the Chinese Communist Party, which provides the People's Liberation Army with access to advanced technologies developed by the private sector in order to strengthen China's military power.

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