More Than 30 Million Users Have Left WhatsApp

More than 30 million WhatsArr users have abandoned the messenger since the beginning of the year. This was reported by the British edition of The Guardian.

As a result of the actions of the owners of WhatsApp, users began to switch to messengers such as Signal and Telegram. According to a committee of the British Parliament, over the three weeks of January, the number of Signal users increased by 7.5 million people, about 25 million users joined Telegram, which is higher than the usual dynamics of these services.

The ongoing massive "exodus" of users from WhatsApp is associated with a poorly prepared update of the terms of service on this platform, journalists note. Many saw in them the upcoming cancellation of the confidentiality of correspondence, which is associated with the provision of data by the messenger to its parent company, Facebook, which is owned by Mark Zuckerberg, and his reputation is greatly tarnished by rumors of cooperation with the authorities.

As you know, initially, changes in the policy for providing WhatsApp services were supposed to take effect on February 8. However, due to the beginning of a rapid decline in the number of users, their introduction was postponed to 15 May.

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