Medvedev: Digital Totalitarianism Threatens The World

The blocking of the accounts of US President Donald Trump and his supporters on social networks is a manifestation of rampant censorship and digital totalitarianism

He stressed that social networks have unleashed an information war without rules against the current American president. At the same time, Medvedev is confident that if Trump completely leaves politics and his "digital footprint" is destroyed, a split in the minds of Americans will remain. This opinion was expressed in an article for TASS by the deputy head of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev.

He recalled that during the counting of votes after the US presidential election, Trump's posts on Twitter were first marked as unreliable and then hidden for reading. After supporters of the incumbent stormed the Capitol, his social media accounts with a total of 200 million subscribers were blocked.

According to Medvedev, unlike conventional American media, whose activities are regulated by laws and which, even while supporting a particular candidate, still broadcast the statements of his opponent, social networks are outside special regulation and operate on the basis of user agreements.

American tech corporations, "having a taste for power, allowed themselves to freely manipulate news and facts based on their political preferences." “What is it if not outrageous censorship? And what is this, if not the specter of digital totalitarianism, which is gradually filling the society. It deprives him (and potentially the whole world) of the opportunity to objectively orient himself in what is happening, ”the deputy head of the Security Council believes.

"For America, and for the whole world, such corporate censorship at this level is a truly extraordinary phenomenon. The question arises, who are these high judges who decided that they can of their own free will, according to their own rules, and, in fact, from - for their political preferences, to deprive the president of the country of the opportunity to communicate with a multimillion audience? " - continued Medvedev.

According to Medvedev, these corporations, dictating their terms, "began to replace state institutions, invade their area of ​​responsibility, began to actively impose their position on a huge number of people, depriving them of the opportunity to choose."

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