And Yandex Have Been Accused of Abuse of Their Position in The Market

The Eurasian Economic Commission has received statements from the Association of Copyright Holders, Licensors and Licensees for the Protection of Copyright on the Internet (AZAPI) about signs and violation of the antimonopoly legislation in the actions of Yandex and

According to the statements, these companies, have been abusing their dominant position, violated Article 76 of the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union on general competition rules.

Currently, the antimonopoly block of the Commission is considering the development of draft Proposals on taking actions aimed at eliminating the signs of violation of general rules of competition and implementing measures that will resolve the dispute and contribute to the restoration of competition in the relevant markets on mutually beneficial terms without investigations and imposing fines.

The press service of "Yandex" said that there are no grounds in the claims. “As we have said more than once, search engines should not know or determine the legal status of content posted by third parties via links,” the company explained.

The issue of relations with AZAPI obviously lies outside the plane of antimonopoly regulation, so such an appeal seems strange to us, "said Sergey Luchin, a representative of Group.

In August last year, the Internet Copyright Protection Association (AZAPI), representing the largest Russian book publishers, complained to the European Commission about Google for not removing applications with pirated books from GooglePlay. Legal services are forced to compete with pirated resources.

AZAPI asks the European Commission to hold Google accountable: the company does not remove from the GooglePlay store large applications that are popular among the Russian-speaking population in Europe and at the same time allow "massive copyright infringements" on e-books. Among them, AZAPI indicated,, Telegram, YouTube and WattPad.

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