Kaspersky Lab Talks About Trends in Corporate Cybersecurity for 2021

Here are some more trends that experts see:

  • In connection with the massive transition to a remote format of work, traditional perimeter protection is no longer enough, it is important to take into account home offices as well. It is necessary to use tools to scan the security level of the workspace - from looking for vulnerabilities in software to checking for a connection to an unsecured Wi-Fi point. It will also require wider VPN adoption, privileged access control, multifactor authentication systems, stricter monitoring and updating of existing cyber incident response plans;

  • Service models allow you to provide the required level of cybersecurity with less investment. According to Kaspersky Lab, 69% of large companies both in Russia and around the world are planning to work according to the MSP or MSSP model. This will allow them to minimize investments and transfer costs from capital to operating;

  • Training for internal IT professionals should include training in management skills. In the field of cybersecurity, very narrow specialists are often needed, and it is quite expensive for businesses to find them. Outsourcing can help in this case. However, companies that outsource key cybersecurity components should develop internal teams' management skills so that they can regulate these functions;

  • The demand for cloud services is growing and, accordingly, the need for their protection is growing. According to a survey by Kaspersky Lab, unincorporated software and cloud services such as social networks, instant messengers or other applications are used by employees to work in the vast majority of Russian organizations (83% of large and 87% of small companies). To keep corporate data safe, you need to monitor more closely how cloud services are accessed. Cybersecurity staff should debug these processes and develop skills in managing and securing cloud environments.

“We see two important new trends in what customers expect from corporate cybersecurity. First, the fact that protection should be of high quality has ceased to be a matter for discussion, but is perceived as an indisputable fact. Another big trend is the integration of different corporate security components from one vendor. For a long time, it has been widely believed in the industry that it is better to combine specialized solutions from different vendors to provide the most effective protection. Now organizations are striving for a unified approach and maximum possible integration between different security technologies, ”says Alexander Moiseev, director of business development at Kaspersky Lab.

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