Hackers Will Pay 5 Million Dollars to the Developers of Pokemon GO

Global ++ hacker group will indemnify Niantic studio for $ 5 million for hacking games. The studio reportedly filed a lawsuit against the hackers in 2019, accusing them of creating modified versions of their games.

For a long time, attackers created various modifications for Pokemon Go, Ingress, and Harry Potter Wizards Unite, each of which was a hacked version of the games.

The hackers were able to modify the games using the source code. Thanks to this, players could gain various advantages over others in a dishonest way. In addition, Global ++ has made a profit by selling thousands of subscriptions.

Global ++ agreed to not only pay $ 5 million to developers, but also stop hacking and selling products that use Niantic's code, and interfere with mobile games or studio servers.

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