Google Has Stopped Updating It's iOS Application

The lack of app updates has been observed since December 2020. Starting from December 8, when posting a new application or a new version of it in the App Store, developers are obliged to inform what data about the user this application collects and for what purposes.

In particular, on December 7, an update of 15 applications was released, a day before the entry into force of the new App Store policy requiring the provision of “labeling” applications by the types of data collected. The applications for users have not been updated.

In comparison, Google's Android apps have had a number of updates since then, including December 14 for Google Maps, December 15 for Google Duo, December 16 for Gmail, and December 21 for YouTube. To date, the problem with updating Google applications on the iOS platform persists.

As explained by representatives of Google, the company is not opposed to the introduction of such markings. On the contrary, Google plans to meet this requirement this week or next.

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