Firefox 85 Disables Adobe Flash Support And Adds Supercookie Protection

Mozilla has released a stable version of its Firefox 85 browser, which, among other things, has disabled support for the Adobe Flash Player plugin and added protection against so-called supercookies.

Mozilla announced its intention to drop support for the Flash plugin back in July 2017 as part of a coordinated end-of-life plan with Adobe, Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook. Adobe has set an end of support for Flash on December 31, 2020. On this day, she officially stopped releasing updates for him.

Google and Microsoft dropped support for Flash earlier this month with the release of Chrome 88 and Edge 88. Mozilla has now joined them.

Although Firefox 85 is the first version of Mozilla's browser to completely lack the Flash plug-in, this is not the main innovation. The next stable version of the browser will received a new "network sharing" function, which breaks the browser cache for each individual site and thereby protects users from tracking their movements on the Internet.

As Mozilla explained on its blog, the new feature effectively blocks supercookies. These files can be used in place of regular cookies to store user IDs, but they are much more difficult to delete and block.

“Over the years, trackers have stored user IDs as supercookies in increasingly obscure parts of the browser, including flash storage, ETags, and HSTS flags. The changes we are making in Firefox 85 significantly reduce the performance of cache-based supercookies by making it impossible for the tracker to use them on sites, ”Mozilla said.

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