FBI And Europol Set To Regulate VPN Services

VPNs of various kinds, also known as virtual private networks, have two sides of the coin. On the one hand, they allow you to ensure the security of your personal data, but at the same time, they open users access to various prohibited resources. 

And it so happened that it is VPN that everyone uses mainly for the latter purpose, which in turn has really great importance and concern on the part of various law enforcement agencies. 

And if you trust TorrentFreak, the FBI and Europol have already worked together to shut down Safe-Inet, also known as Insorg, an extremely popular and functional VPN service that, apparently, was specially created for criminals. ...

The so-called "Bulletproof" service from Safe-Inet has not only been advertised on a variety of forums dedicated specifically to criminal activities, but is reportedly often used even to this day to achieve such goals as withdrawing money from stolen cards, installing on other people's ransomware devices, hijacking of other users' accounts anywhere, and so on. 

In this regard, officials from the Ministry of Justice have already noted that the vast majority of such VPN services very often serve as a kind of very effective cover for criminals.

The Ministry of Justice said that in this regard, the creators of such services become "accomplices" in the crimes that attackers commit with their help. And although at the moment there are no doubts about the target audience of Safe-Inet, there are also concerns about the consequences that may arise if you do not start regulating the activities of VPN services.

For example, one industry company called i2Coalition already officially supported the blocking of the above service, however, some of the methods that Safe-Inet resorts to are common to all VPN services without exception, services that are primarily focused on maintaining privacy users. 

It is already known that a bill may soon come into force, according to which absolutely any company will be able to completely calmly refuse to register and pass users who use any VPN. And even despite the fact that the FBI, together with other law enforcement agencies, is not a fact that they will prosecute and restrict the activities of VPN services, such a possibility exists.

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