Data of 325 Thousand Users of the BuyUcoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Allegedly Leaked to The Network

The names, email addresses, phone numbers, cryptocurrency transaction records and bank details of about 325,000 users of the BuyUcoin cryptocurrency exchange were allegedly compromised. This was reported by the Indian edition of Inc42

According to researcher Rajshekhar Rajahariya, the data was published on a hacker forum by the cybercriminal group ShinyHunters, previously associated with the sale of stolen company databases.

In total, the alleged data dump consists of three separate archives with the specified dates June 1, July 14 and September 5, 2020.

Initially, representatives of BuyUCoin denied the leak of customer data, but later released an official statement according to which "the company has thoroughly investigated the incident." The statement emphasizes that clients' funds were not damaged and "are safe." ByuUCoin stores 95% of client funds in cold wallets, according to company representatives.

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