Chinese Police Seize Large Batch of Spy Power Banks From Free Sale

The devices also perform their main function - they charge equipment, but they can also record the conversation of their owner at any time and send it to a remote server.

The spy device contains a GPS module with a SIM card. This also allows tracking the movement of the battery owner. The device also contains a sensitive microphone. You can call such a portable battery at any time and hear conversations around it. 

The devices have the function of automatically turning on the recording of conversations when the noise is above 50 dB, which corresponds to the average volume of a person's conversation. After recording, the device automatically sends data to attackers via the built-in cellular modem.

The Chinese police carried out several raids in which about 2,000 portable chargers were seized. It is still unknown how many of these "spy gadgets" are still on sale, since they cannot be distinguished from ordinary external batteries.

Although such devices are available commercially, on the territory of the Russian Federation, the purchase or use of such devices may lead to punishment under 138.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

A year ago, the Russian State Duma clarified the definition of spy devices. From under the articles of the Criminal Code and the Administrative Offenses Code, "devices, systems, complexes, devices, household appliances with the functions of audio recording, video recording, photographic recording and (or) geolocation, with controls openly located on them," are removed.

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