Biden Proposed to Allocate $10 Billion to Strengthen Cybersecurity

US President-elect Joe Biden has proposed using $10 billion of the $1.9 trillion in COVID-19 economic recovery to support the IT industry and cybersecurity.

According to Biden's "Recovery Plan for America", about $9 billion will be allocated to the US Cyber ​​Security and Information Security Agency (CISA) and the General Services Administration (GSA) to implement projects to modernize cybersecurity and IT. Another $1 billion is proposed to be allocated for the implementation of a number of information security and IT initiatives, in particular:

  • $200 million to quickly recruit security experts to work for the Office of the US Director of Information Security and the Office of General Services;

  • $300 million for the implementation of additional IT projects of the General Services Department;

  • $690 million to implement CISA projects to improve monitoring and response to incidents in federal agencies.

The increase in funding for projects to improve information security and IT is a direct response to the attack on SolarWinds, which affected US federal departments, including the Treasury, Commerce, Homeland Security, Justice and Energy. As Biden previously noted, the SolarWinds incident is a prime example of a U.S. cybersecurity gap.

Some cybersecurity experts hope that Biden's proposal is just an initial contribution to a much larger initiative.

“Investing additional funds in agencies without strategic goals does not give the best or even the desired results. We cannot continue to invest in strategies and technologies that have already proven ineffective against today's threats. The initiative needs to be narrowed, as the problems are not always related to lack of funding, but rather to inadequate strategy and architecture and poor execution, ”said retired US Brigadier General, who was the country's first federal head of information security Greg Touhill.

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