Americans Are More Afraid of Cybercrime Than of Being Killed Murdered

According to a study by Atlas VPN experts, US citizens are much more worried about their personal data being stolen than about murder. With headlines around the world dominated by reports of national security breaches, data breaches of large enterprises, and similar cybersecurity concerns, the fears seem justified.

Specialists of the American analytical and consulting company Gallup conducted a telephone survey of Americans in order to find out what types of crimes worry them the most. A total of 1,035 US respondents aged 18 and over took part in the survey.

Cybercrime is the biggest fear among US citizens. 72% of respondents often or from time to time worry about possible theft of their personal information, credit card information or financial information by hackers.

The second most dangerous crime that Americans worry about is being the victim of identity theft (66%). Identity theft is a crime in which a person's personal data is illegally used to obtain material gain or to carry out fraudulent activities. Attackers can withdraw funds, take out loans, empty checking accounts and commit many other crimes by stealing a person's identity.

According to the results of the survey, much fewer people worry about the loss of their physical property. According to more than 35% of respondents, they often or from time to time worry that criminals will rob their house when they are not there (35%), and their car will be stolen (34%).

One third (30%) of parents fear that their children may be physically injured at school. Finally, only 24% of Americans are worried that they might be robbed, and 17% fear being killed.

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