88% Of Russian Government Apps Transfer Users Data to The US

About 88% of Russian government applications transfer their user data to third parties. Most often, information goes to the United States. These results of the study are provided by the company "Infoculture".

It turned out that 39 out of 44 applications have at least one built-in tracker - a service that tracks user data and actions, and then transfers them to third-party companies. 86% of trackers are owned by American companies such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft. And in the application "Services of the Republic of Tatarstan" (Republic of Tatarstan) they found a tracker of a Japanese company.

The study says that the application "My Documents.Online" contains 8 trackers, "Dobrodel" - 5, "Active Citizen", "Parking lots of Moscow", "RT Services" - 4 trackers each, "State Services of St. Petersburg", "State Service Moscow ”,“ Our city ”,“ Checking checks of the Federal Tax Service of Russia ”,“ Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia ”and“ State Services of Yugra ”- 3 trackers each.

According to the authors of the study, "the analysis of mobile applications created at the expense of budgetary funds should be the subject of attention of control, supervision and audit bodies, including in terms of checking the compliance with federal legislation of data collection and transmission practices."

Commenting on the results of the study, a representative of the Ministry of Digital Science said that tracking user actions using special services for this is a common practice. And the actions taken to collect data take place in accordance with the requirements of information security.

“The decisions of the Ministry of Digital Security have serious protection and comply with the requirements of the regulator in terms of information security. At the same time, the use of trackers is a standard practice, push notifications are built into our applications, but, for example, it is impossible to implement push notifications without the Google Firebase tracker. All user data in the electronic government system is protected, privacy is preserved, ”said the representative of the Russian Ministry of Digital Science.

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