The European Commission Intends to Create a Network of Cybersecurity Centers

 The European Commission and the Union's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy have presented a new EU cybersecurity strategy. The aim of this strategy is to increase Europe's collective resilience to cyber threats and ensure that all citizens and businesses can take full advantage of credible and reliable services and digital tools. This includes an ever-increasing number of connected and automated facilities in homes, offices and factories.

According to the document, the European Union will allocate 50 million euros to create a network of centers for generalization of best practices in the field of cybersecurity in the member countries, where the capabilities of artificial intelligence will be used to detect and counter cyber attacks.

“The European Commission proposes to launch a network of Security Operations Centers across the European Union with extensive use of artificial intelligence systems, which will constitute a“ cyber shield ”for the European Union, capable of detecting signs of a cyberattack early enough to launch an active response before the attack does damage,” says in the document.

The European Commission expects proposals to strengthen cybersecurity in the interests of the digital single market from universities, research centers and other organizations in this area.

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