Steam At Risk: Millions Of Players Are Exposed To Hackers

It is known that both in United state and in the rest of the world, Steam is the favorite video game purchase platform of millions of players around the world. This is a problem, since in case of a security problem, many users would be in danger. This is just what Check Point Research has discovered in recent research.

Researchers at the firm have discovered up to four security vulnerabilities in Steam. This vulnerability affects the Steam library known as Sockets, which is offered as part of a set of tools for game developers outside of Steam.

Widely known titles such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive as well as Dota2 share a platform on Steam, potentially leaving millions of users exposed to these security problems.

New bugs in Steam

According to Check Point, these security flaws have been found on the platform's client servers as well as on Steam's own servers. This vulnerability, if not patched, could allow an attacker to remotely block a game and even take control of the player's computer.

Games from third-party developers that use the Steam Socket are also affected. This failure is more serious, since it allows an attacker to take control of the video game servers, a system on which millions of players depend, especially in the case of competitive titles. In fact, so much so that Check Point warns that this flaw could have been used to hijack entire teams of players connected to the same server.

The biggest problem is that exploiting this vulnerability is easy. The cybercriminal only has to connect to the server of the video game and after this send malicious payloads to the player perpetrating the attack. All users of the same video game can be affected, since both the title and the players are susceptible to this vulnerability.

One of the biggest vulnerabilities

Check Point assures that this "is one of the biggest vulnerabilities that the Check Point Research team has found in the video game industry in recent years". It is not for less; Given the ease with which these attacks can be carried out, the potential for victims of them is very high.

"A cybercriminal could take control of the computers of hundreds of thousands of gamers without them realizing it," says Eyal Itkin, a researcher at the security company. "These types of online platforms are a highly valued target for cybercriminals, since, due to their popularity and the large number of users who access these services, a vulnerability could have a devastating effect. For this reason, it is essential that they gamers take extreme precautions ".

The security company has already shared these findings with Valve and a few weeks later the security patches had been sent to various video games. This means that to protect themselves, players must update to the latest version of these titles before playing. Valve has confirmed that it warned the developers of the video games that they used Steam Socket and they are already preparing respective updates.

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