Norway blames Russia for hacking on members of Parliament

Image source:Unsplash

The Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) on Tuesday blamed hackers linked to Russia for a 'hack' to several email accounts of members and employees of the Norwegian Parliament. 

In a statement, the PST has assured that it has completed the investigation of the computer attack and has revealed that the Norwegian Parliament was the target of the 'hack' as part of an operation that began, at least, in 2019. 

According to the PST, 

"it is probable that the operation was carried out by the cyber actor referred to in open sources such as APT28 and 'Fancy Bear', linked to the Russian military intelligence service." 

The report notes that "sensitive" information was obtained from some of the affected email accounts with the attack. However, prosecutors have indicated that there is not enough information to firmly accuse anyone, so they have decided to close the investigation. 

The Norwegian Parliament revealed the attack on September 1, a week after it occurred. In October, the Norwegian government blamed Russia for the attack. 

The Russian Embassy in Oslo has rejected the accusations, stating that "no evidence has been provided". "We consider such accusations unacceptable," added the legation.

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