More than 100,000 Students Are Left Without a Class Due To A Cyberattack In The United States

Children in the district of Maryland, United States, have been left without class due to a cyberattack, ransomware.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware, or ransomware, is a malicious software program that infects your device and displays messages demanding that you pay money to restore the system to function. It can be installed through links sent to emails, instant messages or website.

What Has Been Its Magnitude?

More than 100,000 young people have seen their classes interrupted by this cyber attack that has been directed at the educational systems located there.

The cyberattack was carried out last Wednesday and has been of such caliber that it has affected the entirety of the county's public school systems.

The public schools remain closed since yesterday and will only keep open some minimal services such as consultation offices or dining rooms while the systems are fully recovered. This will make teleworking much more difficult for students.

The authorities describe it as a "brutal" attack on their technological system. This leads us to believe that the ransomware has affected your entire system. It is expected that the problem can be solved throughout this week, but beyond the positivism, it could take several weeks to restore it.

The attack consists of the total hijacking of the systems of companies or organizations, encrypting the data and making it inaccessible for the majority of users and employees. Then they ask for a ransom to unlock the system, although there is never any guarantee that cybercriminals will unlock access.

Baltimore County officials have asked their youth to be patient while the system is reset and not to log into the platforms used so far.

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