Google Down: Services Like Gmail, Youtube or Drive Are Inaccessible To Millions Of Users

Are you trying to access Google services like Gmail, YouTube, Meet or Drive and you get an error message? It is not a matter of your connection or your device, but that Google is down, in particular some services are suffering interruptions this morning.

As reported by the Down Detector platform, since 12:32 (CET), Google services have experienced a drop. At the time of publishing this information, more than 5,300 user reports had been reported.

When it comes to accessing, for example, the Google Drive storage platform, the page does not finish loading, until an error message appears stating that "There have been some problems loading your applications."

The same happens in the case of the email from Google, Gmail, which is also down: "Sorry, but your account is temporarily unavailable," they warn the user.

According to the fault map, the error has occurred globally, although with greater incidence in Europe and the eastern United States.

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Google down due to a cyber attack or a technical problem?

Users are reporting these incidents in the different forums, as well as on social networks, and these types of questions are being asked. Is it a computer attack against the tech giant?

A few years ago, in 2016, the services of Twitter, Spotify and other internet platforms suffered drops and interruptions of service due to a DDoS (Denial of Service) attack.

* Update 13:30 (CET)

The different services have been reestablishing themselves in the last minutes, although some still have some limitations, but everything indicates that in the next few hours they will be completely restored.

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