Google Chrome Will Now Allow You To Manage The Permissions Of Extensions

Google has announced new features in Chrome that will allow users to manage the permissions they grant to the extensions they download as well as extend protections against malicious extensions. 

The company has reported that next year users will be able to manage the permissions of the extensions they download for Chrome, so that they can control the websites they have access to while browsing. 

This change means that from 2021 the extensions will no longer have access permission on all websites by default. Instead, the user must manage said permissions, either for a specific website or for all of them, as a publication on their official blog collects. 

The extensions should also be more transparent . As of January 18, 2021, extensions must publicly report their "privacy practices", using clear and understandable language, in order to explain the data they collect and what they do with it. 

Google has further indicated that they will also limit what developers can do with the data that their extensions collect. In terms of protection against malicious extensions, the company will introduce new protections next year through improved safe browsing , a solution already available with which they have managed to disable 81 percent more malicious extensions.

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