GoDaddy has received the Holiday Bonus Email Newsletter. It Turned Out to Be a Phishing Test

GoDaddy sent out a letter to staff announcing a $ 650 holiday bonus. To receive money, they were asked to enter data about their location and other personal information. It was actually a phishing test. Those who did not cope with it will have to retrain cybersecurity training.

On December 14th, GoDaddy employees received an email from in the style of a party invitation. “Thanks to you, 2020 was a record year for GoDaddy,” the letter said.

“And while we cannot get together for the annual holiday party, we want to express our appreciation and offer you a one-time holiday bonus,” it said in the message.

To obtain it, employees were asked to send their location data and other personal information by December 18.

The email turned out to be a phishing test that was failed by about 500 employees. Two days later, they received a message from Security Director Demetrius Comes. It said that they did not pass the test and will re-take the cybersecurity training.

Security breaches and phishing emails that encourage the disclosure of personal and financial information can disrupt business operations and lead to data theft. However, many felt that writing about bonus payments in the test was too harsh in relation to employees. GoDaddy did not immediately comment on the situation, but did apologize to the staff.

In the second quarter of 2020, GoDaddy announced "record customer growth." According to the company, their number exceeded 20 million. However, during the pandemic, it had to lay off and redesign hundreds of employees.

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