Canon Confirms That It Suffered A Ransomware Attack Last August

The camera manufacturer has confirmed that on August 4 they detected a ransomware attack. In it, sensitive data was stolen from its servers such as names, social security numbers and bank accounts of employees.

The entire security team took the appropriate measures to face the incident and restore the system as soon as possible.

The security agencies were informed of the incident and thus began the investigation to find those responsible for the attack.

anon also hired a cybersecurity company to support the investigation that the security forces were already conducting. The company reported that cybercriminals illegally accessed the company's systems between July 20 and August 6, enough time to steal sensitive company and employee data.

The cyber attack on the camera manufacturer was revealed exclusively by Bleeping Computer, in the news they stated that the company's IT department had issued a notice to staff explaining that they were in the process of solving "generalized system problems that affected devices and platforms. of the company ”.

Maze, a group of cybercriminals responsible for encrypting computers in numerous organizations over the last year, was identified by the publication as responsible for the attack.

The organization threatened Canon with leaking confidential information if they refused to pay the ransom.

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