Apple And Google ban X-Mode Location in iOS and Android App Store

Apple and Google have prohibited the use of the X-Mode Social data collection software in the applications for their respective operating systems because it collects the location of mobile devices which it subsequently provides to government agencies.

Technology companies have informed developers that they must withdraw the X-Mode solution from their applications , and that if they do not do so within the time limit they have been given, they could lose access to both digital stores, as reported by The Wall Street Journal .

The decision follows an investigation by the office of Democratic Senator Ron Wyden in Oregon (United States) into the sale of location data to government agencies.

X-Mode Social develops solutions with which it collects location data in order to monetize it. It obtains this data through a small code that developers introduce into their applications using the development kits (SDK) that it provides.

This information is subsequently sold, as has become known, to government contractors linked to US national security , counterterrorism, and the response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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