WhatsApp Pay: You Can Send And Receive Money Without Leaving WhatsApp


WhatsApp Pay is already out in India and we know how it works. This function is based on the Unified Payments Interface platform where Google Pay itself works. Now we can send and receive money without leaving WhatsApp.

Being able to send money quickly, easily and for free is what is always intended with banks. Currently, there are few applications and platforms that allow this in a few simple steps, Bizum or Twp, among others.

The arrival of WhatsApp Pay could be a turning point in the market. Let's take into account that WhatsApp is installed in more than 2,000 million mobiles worldwide.

WhatsApp Pay is not available to everyone, it has only been officially published in India. In that country, the messaging app has 400 million users, so the situation can be extrapolated to the rest of the world and see how it will work.

Once WhatsApp Pay hits the world market, it will be possible to see what consequences it can have for Bizum or PayPal, among other similar platforms. For now, this WhatsApp function is only for payment between acquaintances not stop Google Pay style mobile payment or Apple Pay, which They require NFC to make a payment by connecting with our bank to the establishment's dataphone.

WhatsApp Pay, how it works

The steps that we are going to describe below are possibly universal, but we remember again that WhatsApp Pay is currently only active in India:

  • The first thing is to update our WhatsApp app to the latest version. To do this, we enter the Play Store or the App Store and update.
  • We go back to WhatsApp and click on the 3 vertical points that appear in the upper right corner of the app.
  • We locate your option Payments and we select it. In Spanish, something similar to "Make payment" or "Payments" would appear.
  • Once inside we click on Add payment method.
  • Now we will see a list with all the compatible banks with the new WhatsApp feature. We locate our bank and select it.
  • At that moment, WhatsApp collects our phone number and tries to connect to the chosen bank to detect our bank account automatically.
  • It is quite likely that they will ask us to verify our phone number via SMS. We verify it and continue the process.
  • We can now start sending and receiving money without leaving WhatsApp.
  • Every time we do an operation, the "receipt" will appear in the chat with that WhatsApp user.

With this new feature in hand, we are presented with an interesting discussion, Is WhatsApp Pay legit? Considering all the privacy and security leaks on Facebook, we can't help but wonder if our banking details will be safe in the WhatsApp app.

In addition, a world of possibilities opens up among so many phishing attacks and hoaxes that run every day through WhatsApp chats around the world.

Through a malicious link, our bank account can be accessed, this would put an entire system in check. If there have been cases of wiretapping in WhatsApp calls and downloading of malware that controls our mobile hidden in the code of a GIF, video, sticker, or after a call. That it cannot happen with so many banks and so much money available to "just anyone." Cybercriminals will be on the lookout.


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