Video Game Watch Dogs Hacked Source Code Published Online

 The Watch Dogs license offers games in a cyberpunk on the subject very relevant in recent years of piracy. And today, events take a most ironic turn as it seems that hackers have managed to hack Watch Dogs: Legion and steal the source code. These hackers are now threatening to publish the code online, which could be very dangerous for the company and its intellectual properties.

Hackers reportedly hacked Ubisoft and Watch Dogs: Legion game

The incident apparently took place last October. The hackers, who christened themselves Egregor, told ZDNet: “In the event that Ubisoft does not contact us, we will start releasing the source code for Watch Dogs and their engine.”

The hacker group had also published this information on a site before it was taken offline. In particular, we could read the following: “We found the source codes freely accessible on the main network. Passwords in doc files without any protection, all personal information and data of employees and developers, contracts, game engines and more. Gentlemen, if the goal of the last mission in your hacker game was to hack your own company, we just did it. What have we gained? ”

They threaten to publish source codes and a lot of personal information

Ubisoft has since admitted being aware of the Egregor's allegations regarding the alleged hack and is currently conducting an internal investigation into what the studio has called a "potential data security incident". That being said, Ubisoft has not publicly admitted that any file was stolen during the incident if there was indeed an incident. It will therefore be necessary to wait a little longer to know what exactly is going on. Egregor or Ubisoft, who will take action next?

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