Video Game Publisher Capcom Victim Of Cyberattack

 Japanese company Capcom was the target of a cyberattack last weekend, ZDNet reveals. The security incident was reported to the appropriate authorities.

After Ubisoft and Crytek, it is the Japanese video game publisher Capcom which is affected by a cyberattack whose nature is not yet known. File storage servers and mailboxes were affected by the incident. However, no data has been stolen, promises the company behind games like Monster Hunter, Street Fighter or Resident Evil.

Emails And File Servers Affected

This famous video game publisher, behind many series such as Mega Man ?, Devil May Cry? or Resident Evil, says some of its networks have experienced "problems which affected access to certain systems such as file servers and mailboxes." 

As the security incident occurred, the Osaka-headquartered company shut down some operations on its internal networks, to prevent the malware from spreading further and potentially compromising other resources. At this point, Capcom claims that no customer data has been accessed or compromised by the attackers.

Capcom Is Unable To Respond to Certain Requests

"This incident did not affect the connections to play our online games or access to the various websites of the company," said the publisher in a statement. On the other hand, Capcom declares to be "unable to respond to requests for information and/or documents" Capcom did not disclose further details of the cyberattack, the exact nature of which is not known.

 It is not the only video game developer to have been targeted in this way in recent years. Just 4days ago Donald trump campaign website got hacked and hackers got away with over $2.3 million. 
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