Trump fires the highest Cybersecurity Official Chris Krebs Over The 2020 Elections

Donald Trump has announced on Twitter the dismissal of the highest cybersecurity official, Chris Krebs.

The president of the United States assures that his statements have been highly inaccurate, in relation to the report of November 13, which denies that there has been any fraud in the US elections.

The Government Coordination Council for Electoral Infrastructure was the author of the report that ruled that

 "there is no evidence that any voting system has eliminated or lost votes, has changed votes, or has been compromised in any way."

Election officials called this month's election "the safest in US history."

After Trump's tweet, the acting secretary of Homeland Security and number two of CISA, Agency for Infrastructure Security and Cybersecurity, reported that the White House was forcing his resignation. These two dismissals, plus two other senior agency officials last week, leave the United States more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Senator Angus King has stated, "Of all the things the President has done this is the worst." He led a commission in the Upper House to improve cyber defence. "Hitting the heart of the democratic system is more than we have ever seen in any politician."

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