This device sends music directly to your head

 Music is essential for many of us on a daily basis. To work, to play sports, to move. But in order not to disturb others, you need a helmet or headphones. Unless...

If you want to enjoy a song or movie privately, the only way to do that is by using headphones or earphones, so others can't hear what you're listening to. That being said, it can happen that these accessories are quite uncomfortable, especially if you use them for long periods of time. And once the headphones or earphones are on your ears, you don't often find yourself cut off from the world. Here is a very promising alternative.

Noveto Systems Soundbeamer And The Music Comes Straight To Your Head

Today there is already an alternative to this way of enjoying music in private, it is bone conduction. But the Israeli company Noveto Systems has developed sound broadcasting technology like no other. Their device is able to stream sound from any source directly into your ears without the need for headphones or earphones. This helps create personal listening pockets that help ensure that users enjoy a certain degree of privacy.

Goodbye Headphones!

The Soundbeamer has not yet had much of a chance to show what it is capable of but some members of The Associated Press have discovered it in action and based on their feedback, the rendering is extremely realistic. We would apparently swear that the sound is indeed coming from inside our ears and at the same time, it is as if it is perfectly encompassing. It is difficult to speak of sound quality or even to compare this device with existing high-end headphones or earphones, but the practical cases of using such a solution are already numerous.

We can easily imagine them in open spaces, allowing employees to enjoy their music without disturbing colleagues in the slightest. The Soundbeamer could also allow users to watch videos or listen to music on their phone in public without disturbing others. Impossible, for the moment, to know when this technology will be offered to the general public if it will be one day, and even less at what price, but the idea is really interesting. To be continued!

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