The US Justice Department Seizes Over $1 Billion worth of Bitcoin

The US Justice Department Seizes Over $1 Billion worth of Bitcoin

The American justice has just completed its “  Silk Road ” file, this black market which had made the front page of the press a few years ago. As a reminder, this shop made it possible to acquire various drugs, but also pirated data and false paper.

Its founder, Ross Ulbrich, will be arrested in 2013. He ended his life in a US federal prison since his judgment in 2015. The federal government has been able to identify 54 cryptocurrency transactions linked to the Silk Road business. Seven years after the closure of this black market, 1 billion dollars have just ended up in the federal coffers. The seizure took place last Tuesday. 69,369 bitcoins, that's a pretty penny.

48 hours later, the DoJ indicated that it was behind these 69,000 transfers. A civil complaint allowed them to confiscate Bitcoins, but also other cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold.

In its official statement, the US Department of Justice said it has requested civil action to permanently confiscate the cryptocurrency. Surprisingly, between 2012 and 2013, a hacker by the name of Individual X had stolen the crypto from Silk Road.

The sum had remained hidden, before resurfacing in recent hours ... in the hands of the authorities! When seized in 2013, bitcoin was worth $ 13 million.

Seven years later, they're now worth over a billion!

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