Over 13 Billion Hacked Files For Sale on the Dark Web

More than 50 GB of hacked data relating to more than 23,000 databases has been offered for sale on the dark web. More than 13 billion records containing emails and passwords emanate from the hack site Cit0Day closed by the FBI last September.

An impressive compilation of records and personal data leaked and for sale according to our colleague ZDnet. Indeed, 23,618 databases with a total volume of around 50 GB are found to be illegal on the dark web, representing more than 13 billion records including emails and passwords, hashes but sometimes in clear. The data comes from Cit0Day, a hacked site created in January 2018 and yet closed by the FBI on September 14. Since October, this old and more recent information has been offered on sales channels on the dark web for a fee and payment organized with the cyber hackers through discussions on Telegram and Discord. 

The data that is available for sale comes from multiple more or less recent hacks, with records sometimes going back to 2011. The main risk is, as usual in this type of situation, to allow malicious operators and hackers of all kinds to access hacked user accounts.

Many French sites affected

At this stage, we do not know the total number of companies that are the subject of this collection of information, but many French and foreign sites are concerned. While this is not a gigantic hack strictly speaking but rather a gigantic compilation of data, the fact remains that it remains very worrying and requires even more vigilance on the part of users, spam and phishing campaigns related to this hack are to be expected.

Like other leading sites, Le Monde Informatique would be among the many sites affected by these data thefts committed several years ago. Asked about this, Nicolas Beaumont, president of IT News Info, which publishes Le Monde Informatique, clarified his position: “We took over the management of the company at the beginning of 2018 and paid constant attention to our media. As soon as we take responsibility, we have appointed a DPO and are supported by an external IT security consulting firm. Unfortunately, it is quite possible that in older times some data could have been copied, which we regret. We are on the front line and follow and implement the latest security approaches ”.

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