Incibe Detects a Massive Email Campaign to Supplant an Alleged Legal Department


The National Institute of Cybersecurity (Incibe) has detected a massive campaign of sending fraudulent emails that try to impersonate an alleged legal department with the purpose of distributing a malicious program. 

In the reported campaign, the email tries to distribute a type of malicious program identified as Trojan-Downloader or Dropper, designed to take control of the victim's computer and perform a multitude of malicious actions, such as stealing personal data or launching denial attacks. service against other users. 

Likewise, the Incibe recalled that Mozilla has published a security update aimed at solving the vulnerabilities discovered in its tools that it is advisable to apply, in case they have not been updated automatically. It has also indicated that up to 104 vulnerabilities are detailed in the November Microsoft bulletin, of which 16 are critical and affect various families of the manufacturer's products, some of which are widely used in the business environment. 

As a recommendation for the increase in teleworking, he has pointed out that the most effective and commonly adopted solution is the implementation of virtual private networks (VPN) for access to business information. 

A VPN is not a physical network as such, as the corporate intranet could be, but a network for the transmission of sensitive information, encapsulated and encrypted to prevent it from being seen and used by third parties. In addition, identity theft is one of the most common techniques among cybercriminals to obtain personal data from users, which has been called spoofing, which in English means to falsify or deceive. 


 'Among Us', one of the fashionable video games, is increasing its popularity among children and adolescents, gaining millions of players every day and incorporates a written chat, although it is common for users to use external voice chats during the game, such as' Discord '. 

For this reason, Internet Segura for Kids (IS4K) has explained some of the aspects that most concern families: if it is appropriate for the age and maturity of the child, what are the possible risks associated with its use or if it is safe to combine the game with Discord chat. 

Lastly, a new service trading board game has been made available to users, where players must make decisions and experience different cybersecurity actions, both positive and negative. Cryptocurrencies will be used to invest and buy more services and the player who knows how to invest their currencies correctly will become the winner, according to the Incibe through a statement collected by Europa Press.

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