Ghimob: A New Trojan That Can Steal Banking Information From Over 153 Apps

Cybersecurity is back in the news one more day. The cybersecurity company Kaspersky alerts about a new banking Trojan. This virus can infect devices and steal bank account keys.

The Trojan incites victims to install a corrupt file via email, assures them that they are in debt, and provides them with a link so that they can find out about them.

Once the malicious code is installed, it begins to send notification messages of the infection to your server, including a phone model and a list of installed applications, among others. Once the criminal has all this information, he can connect remotely, thus completing the fraud by circumventing the measures implemented by financial institutions.

Ghimob can spy on up to 153 different mobile apps. Its main objective is banking and investment apps.

Kaspersky reports that Ghimob's targets are in Brazil, Paraguay, Germany, Portugal, Peru, Angola, and Mozambique.

Ghimob is the first Brazilian mobile banking Trojan ready to expand internationally.

Cybersecurity continues to be a factor that should be of great concern to both entities and companies. Cyberattacks are skyrocketing and it is time to implement more and new security measures to prevent these types of hacks and others that may arise in the near future.

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