What Happens When Technology knows Everything About You?

What Happens When Technology knows Everything About You?

You wake up in the morning to your favourite music, and you ask your personal assistant to read you your appointments for the day while you have breakfast. You buy a coffee and pay with your watch, you sit in front of the computer and start a new day, but not before checking what happened on your social networks while you were sleeping.

Alan Turing, in 1950, considered that if a person were not able to know if a question had been asked by a person or by a machine, we would have got intelligent machines. Six years later, John McCarthy named the field of this experiment and all subsequent ones: artificial intelligence. 

This type of intelligence improves our lives in fields such as medicine or computer science, but it also augurs us a future of science fiction: there are even experiments that record human emotions when watching a movie in order to change the plot and that the viewer have the best version of it.

Do They Know Too Much About Us?

We carry all our lives in a small device in our pocket and we allow applications to know from our address to our physical form. 

Are we letting machines learn too much from us? Faced with this concern, the European Union itself is already making recommendations to regulate artificial intelligence, its intrusion into our lives and to what extent the cloud can know everything about us, even if we give it the data voluntarily! If no barriers are put up, we may be heading for a global catastrophe.

That is what happens in 'NEXT', the new series that FOX will premiere on November 2 with a double episode, created by Manny Coto, producer of such acclaimed series as 24 or Dexter. In it, advanced artificial intelligence uses user data to make allies, alienate people and ensure its own growth. 

John Slattery - who we remember for his roles in Mad Men, Iron Man and Mrs America most recently - is the main character, playing the successful Silicon Valley businessman Paul LeBlanc. Only he, who is the creator of this artificial intelligence, will be able to stop it with the help of special agent for cybercrime Shea Salazar.

Digital self-awareness, the evil that someone who knows everything about you can cause and the dangers of artificial intelligence that can be continuously improved are the first steps towards the end of the world. And it is that, in the XXI century, missiles are not the most important threat, but information.

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