Although when buying a new smartphone most users focus on the quality of the materials, the number of cameras or the design, experts from a cybersecurity auditing company assure that the security of the device should be their main concern.

Mobile security is a real problem, so some manufacturers have options available for users concerned about protecting confidential information stored on their devices.

Many of the most popular smartphone models are highly vulnerable to hacking, which should be reason enough for users to at least consider purchasing a more secure device without stopping to consider whether the design is good enough. Below are some high-performance and high-security device options for users. This equipment was tested by experts from the cybersecurity auditing company.

Bittium Tough Mobile 2

Bittium Tough Mobile 2

This is an ultra-secure device designed and built for professionals with the highest security requirements, as it is practically impossible to hack. Its high standards have made it one of the most used tools by security agencies in more than 30 countries.

Bittium Tough Mobile

Although it is an older version than Bittium Tough Mobile 2, this device has the most advanced security features, guaranteeing that confidential user data will always be out of the reach of threat actors.

Finney U1

Finney U1. Developed by Switzerland-based Sirin Labs, this smartphone operates on military-grade blockchain technology at the hardware and software level. In addition, experts from the cybersecurity audit company mention that the phone has a Bitcoin wallet without an internet connection ideal for cryptocurrency investors.

Silent Circle Blackphone 2

This is a smartphone designed to isolate user conversations, guaranteeing that no intruder can intercept their communications. The device is fully encrypted, so no unauthorized party will be able to listen to anything, including text messages, calls, location data, files, and more.

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Blackberry DTEK50


This device will help users to protect their privacy comprehensively at an affordable price, marking the return of BlackBerry to the mobile device market.

Although most of these devices are intended for law enforcement agencies, politicians, businessmen and activists, this does not mean that any other user can purchase one, although they should remember that some functions are limited in favour of privacy.

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