Quantum Computing Brings New Cybersecurity threats

Quantum Computing Brings New Cybersecurity threats

2018 was the highest number of security breaches that were ever recorded .2021 and onwards there will be an increased risked rated on more and more security breaches.

Organisations are creating more data and it been stored in a different location, just these two things online the landscape of risk is increasing and compounding and the only way this can be stopped is if organisation start applying the fundamental basics and security control within their organisations;

  • Access Control 
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Encryption

  • Key Management 

Quantum New Cybersecurity threats

Quantum computer has the ability to create more compute power or what we called it qubits. The greater number of qubits has the ability to decrypt algorithms where we actually protect data using algorithms.

Quantum-Resistant Algorithms

A number of those algorithms are not quantum resistant so organizations will need to consider what algorithms they are using in their organisation to protect data and ensure they replaced them with quantum-resistant Algorithms.

Crypto agility is the process that enables an organisation to replace encryption algorithms without actually impacting any processes within an organisation. The core elements and the core logic when any organisation encrypted data is to ensure the key is stored separately, securely and appropriately.

Information security up to date isn't a board issue in most organisations for me it has to be a primary key objective in any organisation within the world. 

An organisation, they look at financial risk but information security has an impact in financial risk so every board should have a cyber or information security risk register to identify core security vulnerabilities and risk in the organisation.

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