Danish Reseller Under Attack by Muscovite Hacking Group

Businesses targeted at the hazard group. The assault shows the Heimdal™ strike. 

Heimdal™ Security Incident Response and Management team has just discovered evidence seeing an anonymous Russian-based hacking group ( Muscovite ) Operating Denmark. The Muscovite team has established brute-force and dictionary-type strikes from 8 different IP addresses, targeting four big operators.

Muscovite Hacking Group also used data accumulated throughout the North American attack to brute-force their own way to the Danish firm's database. Brute-force strikes are among the very effective data-exfiltration procedures. Numbers alone aren't applicable; human experience creates a significant impact on threat-hunting.

Based on the Intel we received from Heimdal™ Security, the email address in question Isn't linked to some of those Most productive cyber-defences. Shows that the key assault IP address was utilized three months back during a sustained assault against a USA-based firm. But, there are inadequate data to support that claim. 

IP address associated with the attack;


No. of hits









The previous surgery could signify the start of a data-gathering stage for a (possible ) business email compromise undermine (B.E.C) effort, writes Heimdal. The IP address used in the U.S. assault was the exact same one intensively utilized during an assault on a North American operator three weeks before.

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