FBI: Spike In Unemployment Insurance Fraud During COVID-19 Crisis

The FBI reports a surge in fraudulent unemployment welfare benefits. The Bureau says the complaints are related to the virus and involve the use of stolen identities. Hackers Review spoke with Identity theft expect to learn how you can protect your self.

The FBI is seeing a spike in unemployment insurance fraud during COVID-19, criminals are stealing people's and then applying for unemployment benefits in the victim's names.

Protect now CEO Robert Siciliano says criminal thrives on chaotic situations like a pandemic because there's a lot of stimulus money available.

"Criminal generally shine things are somewhat chaotic, for example, like you are in a holiday when are shopping whether they're online or at the store all that chaos there's is a lot more opportunity for fraud and people aren't paying much  attention."

Siciliano says people need to pay close attention to their credit lines and unemployment accounts to make sure nothing is gone wrong. He said simple phone calls, email and pop up can be used to steal identities.

The FBI reports criminals are stealing identities using computer intrusions, cult calls, email phishing schemes and stealing information from social media as well as other methods.

Siciliano says cybercriminals are highly organised similar to professional Bussiness

 "They have supervisors, they have managers, frontline employee, they have people that work in a physical office building throughout the day and have remote workers either locally or throughout the world and this is a full-profit opportunity, criminal hacking is a full-profit business."

Oftentimes cybercriminals are operating overseas for example the justice department seized the property of six Nigerians for stealing $6 million from US victims in online dating scams. Foreign states have even engaged an organised cybercrime like when Chinese backed hackers breached the credit company Equifax in 2017 and also try to steal Corona Virus "COVID-19" vaccine from the US in April this year.

The FBI says check your bank accounts regularly and keep a lookout for letters about unemployment insurance if you have not applied for it.

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