16-Year-Old Arrested for a cyberattack

16-Year-Old  Arrested for a cyberattack that disrupted the first week of distance learning for Miami-Dade-public school.

The district said that this week they've been hit with 24 cyber-attacks which a stunning development but today was even more stunning to find out that Miami-dade school police have arrested a 16  years old boy who's a student at South Miami high school and charged him with eight of those cyber attackers.

Maimi Dade schools police arrested 16 years who goes to south Miami high school who allegedly pulled off what known as a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS) over a three day period which is Monday -Wednesday.

Superintendent of Miami-Dade County Public School Mr Alberto M. Carvalho says ;

"more than likely there are others, there are 8 different attacks and that this individual is at least responsible for.there were many other attacks that don't have a responsible entity at this point attached to them secondly I expect as we had today a continuous improvement of the experience for the students going in tomorrow, The system today was much more stable " 


But certainly not glitch-free, I was able to contact some of the teachers and parents who once again cloud not access the platform or had to resort to zoom or Microsoft teams today. One elementary school teacher who has a young child told me said " it a disaster, mu daughter cannot even log into her portal " remember the district first identified and fixed a software problem before.

Carvalho says they discovered the cyber-attacks "we are in a process right now obviously of trying to understand better the percentage of culpability of responsibility attributable to the new platform with its inherent first-day glitches and difficulties versus the interference caused by these DDoS attacks " and Carvalho said the last attack was at 3'oclock this morning and none of these attacks he said penetrated the district's firewall got actually into the data centre and both Carvalho and school's police are emphasizing this point.

Now the school authorities say the 16 years old teen arrested today is not the only person trying to jam the online learning system. The 16 years old was arrested at 2:43 this morning and charged with the felony that can mean up to 5 years in prison, for now, he's charged as a juvenile and that's why he was Miami Dade police identify him or shared his names but the computer crime he's charged with is no juvie prank.

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