Twitter Hack is WORSE Than You Think

Twitter Hack is  WORSE Than You Think

So let me get this straight unknown perpetrator has decided that they were gonna hack and impersonate trusted public figures including some of our government elected officials, CEOs of major global companies compromised a mass communications network and then on top of that do it for the purposes of drifting nearly a quarter-million-dollar from people of nearly untraceable currency which we have no idea what they will do with that money and on top of all that they did it using administrative tools we didn't know twitter had that can bypass two-factor authentication.
All of our privacy DMS and have access to phone numbers, email account, everything and we didn't know that they those tools, in fact, twitter didn't include it in any of their policy but the more troubling issue for the internet is verified VS unverified account and people being in their felling about blue checkmarks.

In this  post, we gonna talk about why it worse than you think  and how serious it is but I think I have covered that  so we gonna talk about 2 different parties here  
  • Problem with Twitter
  • Problem with the general public 
Then am gonna drop some tips on some helpful advice to protect your account whether you have a  verified account or not or influencer, an entrepreneur with a small business online who's using these platform because it not just twitter there are obvious privacy on platforms like Facebook etc. 

 Just last week, the United State Government considered to banned TikTok for this same reason "PRIVACY".
Don't get upset our URL is which means with Review on anything related to internet security, hacks, vulnerabilities and more. I Advice you read to the end because it gonna be helpful advice in terms of protecting your own privacy, your own data and how to use these platforms.

     Problem With Twitter

The truth is I have nothing against Twitter and this is just a criticism has a user like someone who does rely on the platform for their small business and directly communicate audience  ( like all my readers here who follow me on Twitter: I know I don't have many followers but appreciate - @HackersReview_ ). I do use Twitter a lot but I have my criticism of the platform the same way I  have my criticism of another platform. 

With this Twitter hack, the hackers used a cyber-hack Technique called   Social Engineering to get access to the Administrative tool by hacking into one of twitters employees account which is very troubling, very concerning. This is a major problem, on July 15, 2020, Twitter was hacked in a major breach and large accounts wether is Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos,  formal  President Barack Obama, Mr Beast (High Ranking Youtuber) etc. This is not the first time it has happened, 2018 Zdnet report over thousands of youtube account got hacked, stealing their AdSense review from content creators this is a be deal and it keeps on happening across a lot of platforms and that why it very important for me to talk about privacy, security and about these online scams.

IF you have something like this happen it a big deal, but Twitter in respond also locked down verified Twitter accounts since they were been used to target people with these scams is because people trust these verified accounts. What we should be worried about is the fact the twitter vulnerability to this is unprecedented, this is something that seems insane, it seems like this is the plot to a movie of some kind of suspense thriller movie like the old 90s films; the nets or eagle eye ) it seems like something of fiction but I  know we are mostly concerned that Twitter administrator have these absurdly powerful tools that we didn't know it exists.

I found that this something very concerning that something like this was exposed in this hack and there is no reason for has to think these hacks can not happen again because we don't know how many people have access to this tools, we don't know how vulnerable these employees are for Social Engineered or what process is in place to prevent an issue like this and whether they have was not enough.

         Problem With The General Public 

This goes to a much larger problem in a society , in the online world a lot of people don't take the time to verify and do not have enough in terms of critical thinking and a healthy amount of scepticism( been reasonable cautious, sceptical and wanting to verify thing from multiple sources is a good thing but twitter is in such a way so hyper addictive and so hyper in real-time that a lot of people don't do that. 
It leads to a bigger problem of disinformation or fake news and also perpetuating scams unknowingly.
A lot of time people retweet a post from a verified account or someone they do like without thinking it and trust that this information is accurate and real but the person behind this account is the merge human being they are capable of making mistakes, they capable of failing critically and fail to verify thing from time to time.

With the emphasis that we put on social proof, clout and big numbers and we all do it and these status symbols (blue tick) it means that this will be an ongoing problem, it may not even be a solvable problem which is scary to think of and since ever one of those likes and retweet is an added layer of credibilities so if something is fake news, scam or misinformation then it means it being elevated and pushed to more people that cloud be vulnerable to it and you can see exactly why it a massive problem on twitter and other social media platforms.

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