How To Dealing With a Ransomware Attack: Ransomware Map

How To Dealing With a Ransomware Attack

Recently I usually get Facebook messages, Twitter messages from people saying; hey have been infected or my friend is been infected with ransomware. So today I decided to write a full guide to deal with ransomware attacks. We're gonna go step by step and I will tell you everything you need to know about what you should be doing if you become a victim.

Step to Dealing With a Ransomware Attack

1. LockDown your Network 

The very first thing you will wanna do is lock down infected computers in the network. Because a lot of ransomware I'd say 90& threat I see this day will encrypt network on drives, so even if one on the machines on your network gets infected it's very likely that files on all your systems.

So the first thing is you want to isolate that system you can obviously block your firewall you can disconnect it from your network or you can just go to the most old-fashion route just pull the plug out. You need to do whatever everything necessary to stop the ransomware from causing further damage. And now one thing to keep in mind is a lot of ransomware encrypt in real-time so whatever new falls you transfer onto the system will be encrypted as well.

2. DisAble The Ransomware Process

You need to get rid of the active executable on the system you can do it with anti-malware software but again I advise caution when you going through the steps because some scanners are not very good when it comes to removing just the ransomware or executable they might remove crucial data or key file for making your files undecryptable forever.

So be careful when you re running your scan and don't any key files or text or ransom notes or any of that stuff just remove the ransom executable file.


you can obviously use a number of differentscanner'ss ex. Hitman Pro andMCSOFT EMERGENCY kite. I know you may be thinking hey my files are encrypted why do I need all this!All am saying is very necessary to have the second opinion.

3. Check Decryption Option

You can identify what ransomware you have and whether or not it can be decrypted and it called ID RANSOMWARE ( this website was developed by demon slave and site is very easy to use.

The website gives you option to Upload your ransomware note or you can upload one of the encrypted files .once you upload your encrypted files and it decryptable you will receive a message saying “This Ransomware Is Decryptable” now scroll down and click more it will redirect you to a website where you will find the ransomware decryptor.

You have to keep in mind that this is the best-case scenario so all the ransomware out there isn't decryptable the majority of the big hitters aren't decryptable,

Ransomeware Decrypt Link

Ransomware Map

A tech research blog Comparitech with a team of 30 security researchers and writers has built the first world live ransomware tracking map.

This map provides you with features like live geographic location, time & date, average BTC demanded by the ransomware operators, and the most frequently used email and wallet address.

"It like media tends to focus on the big corporates and Governments but 

actually, there is a huge number of smaller organizations and individuals 

on the receiving end of ransom attacks."

Ransomware Map Link

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